Natural Health Care Mecca in Toronto

2020 marks a 15-year existence of Ritacco Chiropractic! Starting as just a one-man shop chiropractor in a small basement on Bathurst Street, just north of College St in Toronto Ontario, we've become what some may call a natural health care mecca. After adding massage therapists to the chiropractic services, we outgrew our space and moved just a few blocks north into the heart of the Annex or more specifically Seaton Village. We've been happily existing ever since, just north of Bloor, on Bathurst in the medical building across from the subway station.

Services offered

It was here that we have had the true pleasure of servicing the unique Annex and Seaton Village community as well as greater Toronto. Since our move into this unique community, we've been growing and expanding to include services other than Chiropractic and Massage Therapy. We now offer Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Naturopathy, Chiropody and Acupuncture (stay tuned as we are taking your requests and depending on the needs and wants of our clients we are considering adding more worthwhile services to our roster in the near future).

The History That Shaped US

As we take stock of our health care facility's home, so much has changed in the Bathurst and Bloor locale and even within our own medical building since our multidisciplinary clinic set its roots here. Just a short 10 years ago, our medical building, just north of Bloor on Bathurst, was home to mostly family doctors. Since this time most of these doctors have retired. Though missed, we are grateful for having had the opportunity to work alongside these physicians including the few that continue to practice in our building. As one can imagine, with all the expertise, experience and skill that they have brought to medicine and subsequent generations of patients/families, their wait-lists are long.

Over the years, the team has been grateful to have had the opportunity to carry some of their load as we assist with their patients' musculoskeletal and natural health concerns. Most recently, the building itself has seemed to evolve from primary family doctors to a variety of professional services including but not limited to psychology, pharmacy, dental, law, radiology and blood labs, all of which contribute to the one-stop-shop we envisioned being part of.

Iconic Landmark

The immediate local vicinity of our health center has changed as well. The most obvious recent change is the absence of the monumental Honest Eds. Even if you are unaware of Seaton Village, the Annex or even what is vaguely referred to as "mid-town" Toronto you most likely are familiar with Honest Eds which is now Toronto history.

The city's iconic landmark was purchased by real estate developer Westbank who is currently in the midst of revamping the historic space into mixed-use developments and affordable rental housing which is projected to be completed by 2020. Considering all the changes that have already taken place or are underway, we truly believe that the cultural and social landscape of The Annex or Seaton Village or Mirvish Village is only going to get better and Ritacco Chiropractic plans to parallel this trend.

Our Humble Opinion

In our humble opinion, you can find us located in the best spot in mid-town Toronto. Despite all the construction surrounding our niche, there is unmistakable positive energy in our community. This is thanks to vibrant families - young and old alike; U of T students and soon to be affordable housing residents (something this city desperately needs right now). We can only expect that our little niche here in Toronto will be an innovative neighborhood setting the pace for others to follow. We truly feel humbled to be part of this growth and our team looks forward to continuing to serve this amazing little community in the heart of Mirvish Village in the greatest city of Toronto!