Everything Happens For A Reason in Toronto

Everything Happens For A Reason in Toronto

Chiropractic Toronto ON Rosalie Ritacco

Today in these corona-infused days, like most of the world, I have had an excessive amount of time and purpose for self-reflection. My biggest realization? Waking up and going to sleep in an anxious, unsettled state has been extremely dis-servicing! I decided to recall the many times over my 40 odd years where I was presented with a life stressor and time after time, the immediate reaction was overwhelmingly negative BUT looking back at the big picture, in retrospect these ended up being opportunities for the better!

In the moment, it was nearly impossible to believe that the end result could potentially be a positive one but that was the truth!

Now, looking back, I recall numerous "stressors", whether it be as trivial as a final exam which I was unprepared for, a mortgage payment I was unable to pay or more significant stressors such as when I was diagnosed with colon cancer, MS or a spine tumour, the last three diagnoses actually ignited my fire to take an active role in cancer research, Wahl's protocol for MS and becoming a chiropractor in Toronto.

I obviously would not have elected to receive these diagnoses, but we are all presented with challenges in life and it's how we react to these stressors that determines our trajectory. Whenever I'm feeling frustrated and whoa is me, I remind myself of these events and the opportunities that resulted. This perspective and reflection brings on a sense of gratefulness, serenity and confidence in a positive future...whether delusional or not, it brings peace. There is a lot of fear mongering these days and like it or not, we have all been exposed to this over Covid-19. We can succumb to the fear and disillusion that we are helpless and hopeless OR we can take the onus to do whatever we can to best prepare ourselves for potential disease by focusing on creating a robust immune system! I don't know about most people but in a 24/7 work-filled life we do not have the opportunity for self-care but truth is that we can empower ourselves. So that's what I've done and what I've recommended for my friends, family and patients (who are essentially my family after all these years). As far as supplements go, my formula includes:

  • Vitamin C because it prevents and treats viral infection.
  • Zinc to strengthen barrier immunity and immune cell function
  • Vitamin A - antiviral and immune system booster (which just so happens to resides in cells of our mucous membranes - nasal, oral cavities - which also happen to be portals of entry of Covid-19).
  • Vitamin D overall increased immunity

It goes without saying that meditation, exercise and being around our loved ones is the secret sauce!

So...if nothing else, this pandemic has forced us to self-reflect, strengthen our physical and mental well-being and most of all, to spend time with those who don't get enough of us. I'm going to look at this situation as a blessing and I suggest you do too!! Why? Happy thoughts foster health and happiness which in turn lay down the foundation for a happy life!


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